Shower Screens



Custom designs

Transform your shower into a spa-like experience by installing a glass shower screen. Using only the highest quality safety glass from Pivotech, our shower screens provide remarkable clarity and are easy to maintain. We also supply etched and frosted options for added privacy. Whether you would like a framed, semi-framed or frameless style, we can help. Arrange a consultation today to discuss your requirements.
Fully framed shower screen — Glass supply and installation in Westcourt, QLD

Fully Framed

Our fully-framed shower screens are ideal for those who prefer a blend of classic and contemporary styling. This style of shower screen features a framed door, panels and mounting frame. They’re durable and are available in a variety of glass styles and frame colours. We use only quality materials from Pivotech so you know they’ll last. Fully-framed screens also give the best water seal characteristics as there are no gaps between panels.
Semi framed shower screen — Glass supply and installation in Westcourt, QLD

Semi Framed

Semi-framed shower screens offer a contemporary appearance with minimal framing. This style is best suited for situations where a cleaner look is preferred or required. We use Pivotech shower screens with clear, grey, patterned or frosted safety glass options for a custom look. We can also help with selecting the best hardware and frame design to achieve exactly the look you want.
Frameless shower screen — Glass supply and installation in Westcourt, QLD


Frameless shower screens add luxury to your bathroom by providing an almost invisible appearance. The sleek look makes them ideal for modern and high-end bathrooms. We offer stationary screens for walk-in showers and screens with doors. All of the screens we install feature durable safety glass and are available in clear, grey, patterned or frosted.